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About The Brand specializes in small business marketing and digital branding, whether it’s designing websites and social media graphics and copy, or simply consulting our clients on the resources they can leverage to improve their DIY marketing skills. Helping them thrive isn’t just a canned statement – we genuinely love engaging in the process with them to better tell the market how great the are.

You must tell the world about your brand, but maybe that’s not your thing, so that’s where we come in.  No matter how small your business might be – maybe you’re a one-man or one-woman operation – still, you’re a brand. Embrace it!  Running your business will become more fun when you treat it like a “brand”.

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Your Website...

Does it work as hard as you do?
Is it a DIY project?
"Do I even need a website?
I already have (fill in the blank social platform)"

How productive is it? Does it work as hard as you do?

If your website (and social media) doesn’t represent the same level of quality that YOU do when you provide your service or product, it should. …It must, because your website and social media are often the first view of your business that a potential customer sees, …and that matters.

Is it a DIY project?

Unless you really enjoy building and maintaining your website, it’s usually a time-suck for most business owners.  You also run the risk of designing something that people won’t want to visit for very long, or at all. How about your SEO? Does your website contain the necessary keywords, backlinks, and header tags that will help you rank higher in an organic search? 

"Do I even need a website? I already have (fill in the blank social media platform)"

Even if you’re REALLY good at social media marketing, there are a number of reasons why you need both – a strong social media strategy AND a website with real purpose.

Your social media efforts are a huge part of marketing. However, your well-managed social accounts AND your website are meant to work together to bring business your way, with great content (your website), and customer and follower engagement (social media). 

While there are many reasons social media alone isn’t enough for a business, here are three…

Reason 1 why social media isn't enough

You OWN your website – you don’t own your social accounts.  For example, you can’t control being blocked or the occasional platform shutdown with social media. 

Reason 2 why social media isn't enough

You have complete design control of your website. With some input from you, your web designer should create a responsive website on all devices with the vision that you give them. 

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI), including dynamic content, font selection, and color schemes should all be unique to your brand and business.  

Reason 3 why social media isn't enough

You have more control over SEO (search engine optimization) with your website. With SEO being a sort of evolutionary science (how people find your business online), the strategies that you can leverage to rank higher in an organic Google search are more abundant with your website than with a social media account.  

Customer Reviews

I’ve had many websites over the course of my career and have never worked with anyone with more heart, skill, and creative excellence and flexibility. This is the first time in my life I actually look forward to re-designing my other websites.

The results were fantastic and I absolutely love the work I did with John. Truly a fantastic human being, superbly grateful.
build a website - about the brand®

Dr. Rahimeh Andalibian

Spectrum Services
John, thank you so much for building me an awesome website for my business.

A lot of my students complement me on how great my website is.
customer reviews - about the brand

Jey Bacani
Golf Pro/Coach

Jey Bacani Golf
John Perkins is professional AND he's friendly. These days I'm sending my business only to others that connect with the customer and deliver on promises.

John made us a beautiful website and continues to be a support for my business. Even if I have lots of questions, he's patient and explains things easily. Thanks again John for all your hard work!
customer reviews - about the brand

Jessica Lara

Martial Arts
I saw John's work on a friend’s website and I was so taken aback by how well put together hers looked and how professional it was. John was so patient and amazing with all my little details that I wanted to have, and my website is an absolute dream come true!

I feel so proud to show it and share it with my clients, and I believe it gives me more credibility as a stylist and business owner.
customer reviews - about the brand

Kasey Erokhin

The Salon 619
Yoast SEO

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